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Z Poke Nub

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Apr 4, 2010
As everyone knows, the GTS is absolute crap. Does anybody have an Adamant Zekrom (Jolly would work too but Adamant is my first choice) that they can trade? If its level 50, thats awesome. I have a level 56 Modest Reshiram that I can trade for it. If you dont want that, I have Deino eggs. The Deino know Dark Pulse and will have perfect IVs in 3 or more stats. Still not doing it for you? How about a Lightningrod Pichu? Please respond ASAP if you would like to do any of these trades with me.

Forgot to mention...

Name: Riley
Friend Code: 2279-9608-4498
Coming back after a year of inactivity just to find a Zekrom, eh? :lol:

All trade requests should go here. Sorry it wasn't stickied, I don't know how the **** it hasn't been for four years... 'Least it's stickied now.

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