triforce powers.

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ganondorf can kick k.rools ass any day of the week!!!!
Ganondorf is The King of Evil
K.Rool is a fat bastard.
Well atleast K.Rool can beat Princess Peach, unlike Ganondorf.... BAHAHA! Just admit K.Rool is the leader of all villians and will stay that way. And thats the bottom line... and thats the bottom line... cause IceTrash said so!
Well K.Rool was in SSBM, as a trophy. And so was Meta Knight and look where he is now! In SSBB as a new character! This hopefully will happen to K.Rool as well since there is a strong fan support behind him
Icetrash said:
Lol why would anyone want to play as ganondorf?

Just because your **** with him doesn't mean he's not good, he's the strongest character in ssbm and he would kick k.rools ass any day.