triforce powers.

FFS Who says Gannondorf is the best Char in the game? You wanna rephrase that? All the characters are the Same with different moves. Except Marth he has a little help when you Fly far away from the stage :/ so does Ness.
I wasnt Talking about you! Durrr....And you agreed with Wolf when he said that although it's not friggen True. Durrrr.... How many times should I say....Durrrr.....To you.
Good video. Player overuses the Uair (l-cancelled) for edgeguarding purposes. The application vids appear to be deliberately controlled videos so that it shows 'flashy' skills, like DBR's 'Shined Blind'. The opponent doesn't seem to DI...

However I must say that Capt Falcon has somewhat a better edgeguarding/intercepting potential compared to Ganondorf as he has the Knee (Fair) and is much faster than Ganondorf. Capt Falcon could do most of the tricks shown in the video and as a result give the player a better advantage in battles compared to using ganondorf.

The Dair spike is very useful and a hell lot easier to execute compared to Marth's Dair. If you thought intercepting an opponent when he's trying to recover was very risky, think again. A fluked Dair from Marth's can either cause him to fall to his death or he easily gets punished for it due to the horrible lag that results from recovery frames.

Be grateful that you have an easier character to practise intercepting and edgeguarding techniques with.

Overall, good video - shows usefulness of the Uair in many situations.