Ubisoft unveils its 7 Wii titles


Apr 30, 2006
If you read through the news forum yesterday you have no doubt read the post regarding Ubisofts announcement of developing 7 game titles for the Wii.

Well today they've announced exactly what those titles are.

The 7 actually include the already announced Red Steel and Rayman Raving Rabbids titles with the addition of:
  • Far Cry
  • Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII, a military dog fight sim
  • Monster 4x4 World Circuit, a truck racer
  • Open Season, an adventure game based on the upcoming CG film by Sony Pictures Animation
  • GT Pro Series, a new racing IP
All titles are scheduled for release in the launch window and is a pretty impressive line-up from a 3rd party developer. Ubisoft also mentioned they have many more titles in development for the Wii console.

I remember a few months back reports of not many 3rd party developers getting on board with the Wii console, but by the sounds of Ubisofts enthusiasm i dont think this is the case anymore.

IGN have posted up an interview with Ubisofts North American President, you can read the article here
thats awesome. Far cry is a great game and i believe has never been on a nintendo system. its great to see nintendo getting so much 3rd party support this time around!
Gosh this is great/terrible news. Now launch day is going to be even more difficult because I'll have to pick from so many great games!!!:D

Wonder if these will be online? IGN asked Ubisoft and they said to stay tuned for that info. You're killing me slowly, Ubisoft.
IGN has 2 pics from Monster 4x4 Does anyoneelse think Wii will have lots of racing games.
List of what we know:
Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam
Excite Truck
Monster 4x4
GT Pro Series
New Mario Kart very likely
New F-Zero game likely

I just hope they're all different for each other and a lot of fun.I know F-Zero would be the hardest of the bunch.
Arcadium said:
Wii Rulez you forget Need for speed carbon, ah and i0n I only see 5
i0n already said Red Steel and Rayman: Raving Rabbits. he just added to the list.

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DAMN, Mr_Stoukaph!!! Way to go on your lucky 1000th.

I'll catch up to you, someday......NOT! You have the most posts and they're all really well said; on to the next thousand for you.:D
man I dont spam, I even cant do it... if u look closely I havent spam ever here

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Woot, Red Steel and Farcry are gonna be sickness!, btw i dont know but is redsteel only single player? (stuff u guys and your thousands of posts, this is just my second *cries)
m7ticalm said:
Woot, Red Steel and Farcry are gonna be sickness!, btw i dont know but is redsteel only single player? (stuff u guys and your thousands of posts, this is just my second *cries)
Well, welcome to WiiChat!!! Don't worry, you're new here and thus you can not be made fun of, atleast by me.:D

Anyway, yes, Red Steel is supposed to have atleast 2-player split-screen, says Ubisoft (sorry, can't find on IGN where I read this, but it's a given).

They've also said multiplayer, which could mean 2-4 player split-screen and many are guessing it will have online play.

Hope that helps.
what about co-op. i really liked how halo, timesplitters, and a few other games had co-op story mode and im hoping a lot more games have it