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Nov 20, 2006
British Columbia Canada
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I was wondering if there were any announcements regarding the up and coming internet applications Such as Connect 24 and the Opera Browser.

Does anyone know when Opera is going to be released? Do we know when
the next Wii update will be?

Please, lend us your rumors so we can titillate amongst ourselves.
Rumors without some kind of truthful backing are absolutely useless. But as for when the Opera browser is going to be released... It should be sometime next year. I admit that I can hardly wait for it to come out, but I still have Twilight Princess to keep me busy. :D
You spout off about rumors being completely useless but then offer up a comment on when opera will be released without any kind of documentation or link?
Yeah here is the weblink to Opera on the Wii....> LINK

Can't wait to surf with my Wii...! I wonder if you'll be able to stream videos from sites like Gametrailer.com
that link doesent give any info on the opera browser for the wii it just says the launch dates for the system.
Well, the WC24 system is up and running (I've used it to send and recieve messages, the glowing slot is really cool looking). As for Opera, I have no clue. I can't wait until they start sending DS demos over WC24.
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I'm excited to see that they're going to be implementing Opera into the DS, I had hoped that they would do such a thing, but I never thought it was possible. And I'm just glad to see that they're working on the internet browser, I know it's still under development, but damn, I can't wait.

I'm hoping that soon you'll be able to download Wii demos of games for your Wii, so you can play before you buy.
I heard, can't remember where but I think it was a post on here, that Dec. 20th will be the launch for the browser, and by then the rest of the announced (supposedly launch) VC titles will be out. Such as ToeJam & Earl. Which I'm dying to play again. I did notice the full launch list posted on wii.nintendo.com so I'm wondering if they didn't launch today? It was the first time I didn't get a server too busy error on the page so I'm not sure either way.
HOW in the world does wii connect 24 works

OK fellas,

I have the wii settings for connect24 on standby, but I have not been able to reach the famous wii bulletin board or actually have other wii's "visit" (wii parade) or mine go out into the world. Is there some website on how to's or how this actually work? Do I have to register other wii codes into the machine just so I could be able to interact with others in the will world?

Thanks for any help ..it would be greatly appreciated
and hopefully see you online
nintendo obviously hasnt released the date but they did say sumthin about a secret channel that they will announce what it is later, either in december or january but im not sure if this "Secret Channel" is the browser cuz there is that downloading channel were you can try games b4 u buy em.

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