US wii in Spain


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Feb 8, 2009
I searched for an applicabe, already-existing thread to post this in but could find none, so here I go.

I moved to Spain and brought my US wii with me. I understand the voltage difference between US and Spanish homes: 120 v in US, 220-240 v in Spain. So, I need to get a step down transformer, power adapter, or whatever else you wanna' call it. It turns out the best power converters I can find here only step the volts down to 125 v. Now, the US AC wii power cord accepts 120 v. Do you think that 5 volt difference could have a negative impact on my wii power cord (i.e., 'frying it')?

I also have the option of purchasing a wii power cord here made for the EU version of the wii. Both the EU and the US power cords for the wii have the same DC output of 12 volts, 3.7 amps (which is 'pumped' into the wii console of course); so theoretically, an EU power cord should provide the exact amount of power necessary to run my US wii safely...and w/out the need of a separate power transformer.

So, which is the best option, and do you see any problems with either of these options?

And yeah, I know of the NTSC-PAL difference too, but I think I'm alright there.