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Jun 30, 2006
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I have a PS2, Xbox, and soon, obviously, a Wii. I have a 27" tube TV with only one component input. I'm trying to figure out which system selector to get.

It must have atleast three component inputs on it for my three systems, maybe more for future systems. Two fiber optic outputs for my Xbox and PS2 would be nice aswell; my surround sound system has only one digital optic in.

I've been looking on google and various sites, but I'd like to know if anyone has one of these and what company, price, inputs, etc. it should have.
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You mean something like a scart multi box
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I'm not sure what a scart multi-box is. A system selector allows you to connect multiple components (game console, dvd player, etc.) to one box so you don't have to disconnect one console's video cable from the TV to put in another one.

Here's an example:
Pelican Universal System Selector


I'm trying to figure out if this or another system selector is the right one for my setup. I don't want to spend extra on connections I don't need, but I don't want to spend to less and get a crappy selector.