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Jul 3, 2006
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Wii Online Code
I love the gallery we have here but I think having some videos would be aweome. I mean these graphics are awesome but seeing them in action is soemthing diffrent. So is it possible iOn?
iOn how do you put videos in your post without having to put a link in the post that brings you to the website with the video. I know you press the blue "M" but what do you do after that?
if its a youtube or google video just type in the url to the video, highlight it and click the 'M' button. :)
That vid's so old. I know it's a test...but I think u could've done better.

TRY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
lol I remember that old vid. And ya a video section would be cool. And I think I'll try out this media thing.
Lol, I haven't seen that one.

I love when peached got squished and when M&G was running from Giga. Oh and when kirby tried to suck him then G just slashed to death and Koe'd him. And yoshi's death, that was sweet.

I liked the team up w/ falco, fox and samus too. hehehe.
whats the story behind the Nintendo ON? i saw that video a while ago but never heard any info on it
It's just a thing some ppl created to entertain other gamers. That's it. Nintendo never even commented I don't think.