Virtual Console and gameboy?

r h

WiiChat Member
Sep 2, 2006
does anyone know if there are plans to add gameboy to the virtual console! there where some top games for the gameboy :D

It's unlikely, but nintendo could easily add more games to their line-up. Im more hoping they can sort a deal with RARE. I never bought Perfect Dark for the N64 as it was too expensive with the added cost of the expansion pak, but now that they could offer it me for probably less than a tenner, well... im just hoping RARE see sence. Especially is they allow virtual games to play multiplayer online!
Yeah I go along with chessaholic.. I doubt gameboy games will be there, and I also hope they make a deal with RARE. Would love to play the Donkey Kong Series on a TV again, instead of just an emulator
Well i dont know about yall but im rooting for Super Mario RPG, and I dont know what brand it is but chrono trigger would be lovely to play on the wii
as far as gb games go
I think thed be better on the ds/gba they wont look to good on a tv
no they wont im preety sure this has been said by nintendo but i have a thoery that one day we could connect the ds to the wii and use the tv scrren for game boy games