Wanna Play Mario Kart? Well Add Me....

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Apr 10, 2009
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Fc for Mario Kart = 2192-2426-6874 Looking for someone to play. When u add me please message me your fc to so I can add you..
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I will add you tomorrow due to busyness. Anyway, add me whenever you can.

My friend code is 1247 5003 6364. If you want more information on my Mario Kart account just let me know.
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Ok I am adding all of you. I am on almost all day due to Summer time.
who ever has mario kart wii or who has every guitar hero except aerosmith
add me i will give you my account once you add me
who ever has mario kart pm me my fc is 4210 8467 5509 and boz uk and omgitsmike u better be listening 2 me because i want 2 race u its gunna be fun when i see u lose
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