Wat the, DS game telling date of Wii???

:lol: that would be great :D but i doubt it's true:tard:

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yeah it is weird, crazyish weird but it could be a good way to make suckers buy the game, i dont even have a ds and even if i did i woudnt buy it cause as soon as some1 cracks it, it will be posted all over the internet :)
hm, that is just funny. I think that nintendo is pushing this mystery a little too far
I dont think its true, cause they will say the date and price in this month... and who is going to buy that game? will you??
didn't you guys see the update, it says: " Well we learned that the story is fabricated; still is a fun idea." Even if it was true, it would be a waste of money cuz the game comes out 4 days before the Tokyo Game Show (where they would most likely tell everybody the wii release date).
"Update: Well we learned that the story is fabricated; still it is a fun idea."

Fake... still if they came out with one, and it was free i'd play it
yeah if they were handing them out for free at a gamestores and electronic stores, i would get it even if someone already found it out and posted it on the internet.
That means someone knows the release date, the people who made it, and by now I'm sure they would of spilled the beans if they are just a "probally" a third party developer.