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Aug 5, 2006
Australia, Perth
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hey everyone in Australia this might be wat your looking for. Go to the toysrus site for australia. On it there is an advertisement which says that if u pre order the wii, u will get one free launch title with it. But u have to deposit $50 AUS.
I'm not sure if its only WA but Myer had an even better deal: Pre order the Wii for $40 and you'll recieve $600 of vouchers. I checked the list the guy at the counter showed me and among them is about 8 vouchers for $15 off launch titles, not to mention buy 2 games and get 20% off them. Sounds even better to me :)
We might get everything late but we sure do get some awesome deals
Yes your assumption was pretty good I'm an Aussie
yes go the aussie i have already gone with the toysrus preorder deal because i never use vouchers i prefer just getting my free game and not havbing a pile of vouchers in my draw
Vouchers to me are something that no matter how hard you try you'll always mysteriously forget to grab them before you leave to go shopping
yes, vouchers are always forgotten because they are disliked., Real money seems more satisfying.
Anyway, i must look into toys'r'us, but i dont know if there is one where i live.
I wish i knew this before i put half of my savings on a deposit at EB's :(
which is about $150 aus :)
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woot im in WA, wat states are u guys from ( i might check that myers thing thanx)
hehy im in canberra national capital yeah , anyhoo yes i would jus t prefer having a game with me for free instead a bundles of vouchers that get washed in my pockets any way i saw a poster eb saying that you cen preorder the wii there but you can do this trade in thing were if you trade 1 xbox or playstation 2 and get this 25 games you can get 300 of the finall prices now seriously how does that and again saying that the price will 300 + is cutting it a bit close isnt since it wont be a max of 320 aus (yes i converted it )
Im in act too, and there arent too many shops with ninty here.
Anyway 300 seems a lot to me, so i wont preorder at that price, ill just keep a deposit like i said before. THis is a VERy efficiant technique i believe, so when the price is officially announced, you can just fowards the money onto the preorder. This saves money from large preorder rippoffs (unless if the official price is higher :( )

Got off topic then!!

I REALLY hate vouchers

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