Jul 24, 2006
Hey, I'm new here, not sure if there's already a thread about this, if there is close it or something. But what is your opinion on how WDing will be in SSBB, if it is at all.
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Its not in "official" guides, but it is in player made guides, and is a widely used technique in competitive play. It was an accident, and although some characters (like Link) have a hard time using it when they need it the most, it balanced out a lot of characters.
so, if its a glitch, would it be like cheating? changing the gameplay for your benifit without the developers intending it.
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If you consider it cheating, then don't use it. But I wouldn't consider it a cheat, and I believe the developers figured it out before the game came out, but decided not to remove it.
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You jump, then almost as soon as your off the ground you airdodge at an angle towards the ground. You'll hit the ground, and slide along for a short while. If done correctly it will look like you just slide across the ground.
I didn't know about this either; here is a video for those like me who don't know what it looks like.

Now Trikz, does this move really help in a game or is it just for show?

*EDIT* Here is a better/cooler video of the wavedash.
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1: The samus super wavedash is entirely different.
2: The wavedash is extremely useful.
3: Here's a really good video. Click.

EDIT: Heres the first part of that video, as it may be too large, making it really slow. Click
NateTheGreat said:
Now Trikz, does this move really help in a game or is it just for show?
i think it would only be useful if youre an expert and youve practiced it a lot. the videos make it look almost worthless.
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You can quickly evade attacks. You can move backwards without turning. Mindgames!!! You can run, WD forward, the F-Smash quickly while still moving forward. There are many good uses. Also, did you watch the other persons vids and mine? His were kinda useless, showing no real uses in battle, but mine is good.
but how many people can actually do that well? somebody may do it but have it go wrong. like i said before, its only good if you practice it a lot and are an expert. i could probably own someone who uses it well too. many people may be able to.
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Beat Ken.

Also, It took me around a month to use it well, and my game improved greatly.