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Jun 6, 2011
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Hello everyone,
I have a problem I am not able to fix myself and I need your help. Searched all the internet (maybe I am searching wrong?) but couldn't find similar problems with Wii having people. So, the thing is, I got very annoying wavy lines that comes up the screen. It wouldn't be that bad, but when you play some bright games, you just can't ignore them. It's very strange, because when you start playing, they are so big, but after ~ 15 mins. , they get smaller, some are gone, but still, doesn't disappear. I am using component cables, witch, I believe, is not original. At first I thought it was cables fault, so I changed them from same shop, and still nothing changed. When I used old CRT TV with original composite cable, I had some video problems too: there were some dots and lines (hard to see, but still), witch density changed when changed wii TV settings from 50Hz to 60Hz I believe.Not long ago I was at friends house, hooked up wii with same composite. I didn't payed much attention at the moment, but I believe the pictures quality was perfect. So maybe that's because of electricity or infrared sources in the house or something :lol: ? Sometimes when I move sensor bar, TV turns on :lol:. By the way, there was a dark (some were blinking if you come close and take a good look) pixels on top right and left corners. Later on I decided that was old CRT TV's, not Wii's problem, but still, when you change wii settings from 50Hz to 60Hz, there were even more black pixels. Don't know if it has anything to do with this problem, but there's another problem. Sometimes playing (or being in menu) screen freezes for ~2 seconds (you can't do anything), then screen goes black and wii crackles once (strange sound, like from computer motherboard when turning on), then screen goes light black (like restarting), crackles again I believe, and screen is back to normal. All that time game was running, because I can hear sounds from my wii remote (no sounds from TV) and sometimes when screen goes back I am dead (on single player too). It looks like it has restarted or something, but games are still running. Maybe it's wii graphics card fault? ( When used composite on old TV there were no black screens or stuff, and when tried to use composite on new HD TV, there were no black screens too, but I haven't played with composite on HD TV that much, maybe couple of hours only). P.S. sometimes after black screen most wavy lines are gone. Any help is appreciated.
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That black screen thing can happen from few times a day, to zero times a day. It might go black after 1 hour of playing, and it might happen after 5 minutes after wii is turned on, or you can play 3 hours and there will be no black screen. There is no pattern in witch it happens.

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