We should've known that Rayman Raving Rabbids was a party game:

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The game is comprised of two pricipal modes. First the story mode, which is organised into fifteen days (virtual, evidently). Each day, you begin in your cell. At the start things are very sinister! From your slammer, you can enter the Rabbit Arena, where you wait for the events. You can attempt five mini-games each day - four events and one boss encounter. Depending on your rate of success, the rabbits will congratulate you and offer objects of comfort for your cell (I’m guessing you will get to design your cell or something?). You can unlock amusing bonuses such as tacky costumes and disco music! When in the second mode you can replay the mini-games freely, either playing by yourself, or multiplayer!

After that, the dev team demonstrated some mini-games that Nintendo wished for Ubisoft to show of its game. Next came the interview of which here are some quotes:

Nintendo Magazine asks: But from the start, you proposed to make a mini-games title?

Adrien Lacey (game designer) replies: No, at the start, we wanted to make a classical platformer. And then when we received the development kits for the Wii, we saw what was possible to produce. We had too many great ideas for a party game that would take advantage of all that (Wii controls I assume)! We resorted to a box into which everyone slid an idea. Next, we separated those ideas that were feasable and those that were not…

NM asks: But these are not like the mini-games in WarioWare that only last a few seconds…

AL replies: No, and rightly so. Rest assured, there are some events that are very short, around ten seconds or so. But in certain events, like the Doom-style event, the combat portions or courses last several minutes! In addition there is a scenario in which events are linked together, in order or succession (a progression).

NL asks: Are there a lot of mini-games?

AL replies: Here we have shown maybe around ten events or so, those which Nintendo thought would be good for demonstrative purposes. But the final version will have around seventy, spread out in different worlds.
mario party is getting old though. but my bro (27) and sis (25) still likes them a lot

I would rather have Rayman as a platformer