what age is wii for?

i would say any age.....u can tell that they have "kiddie" games.....but all in all they have their intense games (Metroid, Zelda, Mario) for older ages......Nintendo is trying to get more people into video games old or young
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I have noticed a lot of kddie games. I like bond, brawl, and sports games like madden, but i hear bondis coming out 2008? is that true?
Theres a lot of kiddie games? Theres like 3 or 4 if you count billy and mandy and every console has the "Kiddie Games" Reason why GC got kiddie game tag was because it had lack of third party support, and Nintendo creates games with mario and stuff which are friendly, so they were left out in the cold
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actually, i was serious, i didnt know anything about wii until a few days ago. I looked at the video and it looks cool, whats FBS and cod3?
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