What are these 2 slots on top of the Wii?


Jun 18, 2006
Houston, Tx
Wii Online Code
On top of the Wii, right next to the controller inputs there are these 2 slots. What are they for?

Oh also, howcome the side of the Wii looks like it is sliding up? Whats underneath that?
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oh okay. I wouldnt know because I never got a GC. Now how about the sliding side panel?
the wii slants up because of the base its on. they might have done that because it makes it easier to see the buttons on the front if its on the ground.
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ahh yeah seeing it as the top flap just open makes more sense. And I didnt know that you could use GC controllers for the Wii. I guess that it would have to be if you could play GC games on the Wii, since the controls would be too weird with the Wiimote. Thats pretty cool!
Maybe its not only for the GCN controller maybe is for the Wii Classic also...