Wii SD Card Slot Question


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Nov 23, 2006
Wii SD Card Slot Operation Question

Ok guys I need someone to tell me wether an SD card plugged into the slot on the front of the Wii is supposed to freely slide in an out and eject like normal SD card slots (ie Kodak camera pops in and you push in in to pop it out) or if it is just meant to slide in and only be removed using your finger nails and the notch on the card itself. (This info was left out of the Nintendo Wii manual)

The reason I am asking is because there were no instructions on how the SD card slot was supposed to work wether it has an eject button or wether you can just push it in and it pops out.

My SD card goes in firmly but the only way I have been able to remove it is by pulling it out with the notches.

I have tried 2 SD cards (2GB & 512MB) and a Transflash adapter and all the SD cards fit the same. (I bought the 2GB at Frys on release day.)

Is my SD card slot broken or this the way it is supposed to be?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. I emailed Nintendo but I haven't gotten a response yet due to the volume of emails they are receiving.

Thanks in advance


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Sep 14, 2006
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It's supposed to push in a 'click'. push it in and hear another 'click' and it'll come out. I think it might be broken. Does it read your SD card at least?


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Nov 23, 2006
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yes it does read at least but its weird the SD card slot would be broken unless one of the testers forced a card in their backwards or some dumb crap like that.

I took the SD card out of my PDA to try same thing. I hear a click but it doesn't pop-out. usually appliances with SD cards come with SD card slot protectors that you take out until you are ready to use it but the Wii never came with one.

I am going to call Gamestop and let them know whats up since Nintendo is so slow.