what console do you think ppl will buy more?

what next gen console do you think will come out on top?

  • Xbox 360

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • nintendo wii

    Votes: 14 70.0%
  • play station 3

    Votes: 2 10.0%

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It's difficult to say at the moment. A few months ago I would have said PS3 without a doubt, but with the ridiculously high price and current lack of exciting-looking games, it could drive people away toward the 360 (even I'm considering not bothering with a PS3). It really depends on whether Sony can get enough good exclusives to warrant buying a PS3.
its hard 2 say coz xbox 360 has already beenout fer a while so they hae a head start but im hoping that the wii comes out ontop, and i cant stress enough how kool the wiimote will b
At first I think PS3 will take the lead. As soon as the ppl get there hands on the Wii and word gets around, Nintendo will take the lead in the stretch. Microsoft and Sony are fighting over Nintendo stating that the Wii be the second system ppl buy after their prespective consoles. For instance if you are a PS3 owner your second system will be Wii. If you are a 360 owner your second system is Wii. Even if Nintendo would be someone's second system that's 2 Wii's for every 1 PS3 and 360. Not that it will play out that way, just an example.
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you guys have probabley seen this but it's still true..
nintendo crab said:
you guys have probabley seen this but it's still true..

They have stolen the idea for the wii controler now too, though they did an apalling job of it. It funny cause a few months back they had atempted to design a new controler for the ps3, and it sucked so bad that they scraped it after the fans on the ps3 forums started hacking out on it. I think its a shame really. I always hated the playstation controler, but it looks like since sony can't make anything new, they are stuck with it.
Well, we are definitely biased here. I will only be buying a Wii, but the Xbox and PSX excluisives are very closed-minded. I know one PSX fanboy who has never (and swears to never) touch any Nintendo console because their graphics suck (I say, who cares what it looks like if it's no fun to play, but he does have a point). I'm not exaggerating either, he'll move away when I sit down with my DS
Jamma said:
first wii then 360 and PS3 won't be bought by anyone as they can't afford it
Especially since PS3 games will cost anywhere from $59.99-$99.99 cuz i heard on G4 the other day. Leaving more ppl interested in buying an inexpensive Wii:D