What did you think of Microsoft?


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Jun 1, 2009
I think this was a great year for Microsoft at E3. For once, I am at least interested if not extremely excited about most of the games shown.
CoD4: MW2
MGS:R (sure, it's not MGS4, but I doubt they'll downgrade the game. If anything, it should be just as good if not better.)
Tony Hawk's Ride (looks interesting. I'm no skateboarder but I'll definitely have to at least try this game out)
Crackdown 2 (Yay! I was afraid there wouldn't be a sequel)
Forza 3
Halo 3: ODST
Halo Reach (I called it! lol ever since Bungie announced that there wouldn't be a Halo 4, I have always assumed they would make a game that took place before the Halo 1, 2, and 3 [more specifically, during the Halo book, Fall of Reach.] Looks like I was dead-on.)

As for the new Xbox dashboard features, I think they're all great, although I'll probably only use Facebook, Live Party, and MAYBE Netflix.

Project Natal. Not sure what the rest of the world thinks of it yet, but at first glance I'm really impressed. If enough games take advantage of this technology, and it performs like it's supposed to, I'll definitely be getting this. How I see it:
Not just another Wiimote like it was rumored to be
Way better than the eyetoy from what I've seen
Full 3D interaction
Multiple people can use the single device - no extra money needs to be spent on "motion controllers"
I assume that it would be possible to use an actual controller with this thing. For example, if they released a shooting game, they could release a gun peripheral to go with it. However, the peripheral would only need a trigger and POSSIBLY an analog stick to control movement. This would allow the attachment to be relatively cheap. If they wanted, they could even just have plastic gun shell as an attachment for comfort while playing and have all the other controls be motion-based.

Support from games - Hopefully a decent number of good quality games will take advantage of this device. If everything works out, this might replace my Wii as the gadget for family/party fun.

Overall, I'm really satisfied with Microsoft this year. Now, lets just hope they can live up to the hype and deliver. I wonder what Sony and Nintendo have up their sleeves...I'm starting to worry neither of them have anything like this to offer. I know Sony has the PSPGo which I'm not very impressed with, and Nintendo...well, Nintendo just needs to deliver with software. I like the Wii, the Wiimote, and the Wii Motion Plus, but I need some games!
yeah microsoft was awesome, i loved when he said you wont end up sitting on the couch doing waggle gestures!

im really impressed with microsoft and sonys conferences but in my opinion nintendo blew it big time again. they didnt announce any innovative technologys and the only new games they announced that were worth anything was mario and a new metroid (even though i personally dont care about either franchises anymore im sure the wii fanboys are glad to see them)
All 3 systems are having an impressive E3 showing so far.
There are no winners or losers.
Here are their exclusives that caught my interest.

1. Project Natal - hopefully inexpensive, accurate, n gets developers support
2. Halo Reach - Can't go wrong w/ Halo unless you don't like FPS.
3. MGS - Sony fanboys all over shed some tears.
4. L4D2 - More zombie madness
5. Alan Wake - About damn time.
6. Mass Effect 2 - Should be better than the 1st one.
7. Splinter Cell - Haven't played series b4 but this has potential.
8. Halo ODST - Could be like Metroid in HD minus wiimote.

1. Wii Sports Resort - Working motion control today.
2. Metroid - Nintendo can't get anymore hardcore than this.
3. Mario Galaxy 2 - 1st one was great but easy, this is supposed to be harder.
4. Red Steel 2 - Closest thing to slicing n shootin some1 unless uve done it b4
5. Grinder - L4D but with the Wiimote
6. No More Heroes 2 - 2 lightsabers, blood, and decapitation
7. Super Mario Bros Wii - 4 Marios running around at the same time
8. Sin & Punishment 2 - Gameplay reminds me of Starfox

1. New Motion Control - HD graphics + wiimote controls
2. God of War 3 - Never wanted that demo to end.
3. Gran Turismo 5 - Best looking racing game ever.
4. Uncharted 2 - 2009 GOTY candidate
5. MAG - Did he say 200 something players?
6. FF 14 online - Sony fanboys all over shed some tears again.
7. Agent - Made by Rocktar North(GTA4)
8. The Last Guardian - That dog/eagle looking thing looked sick and it reminded me of Never Ending Story in HD.
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My faith in Microsoft has been lacking until their E3 conference. I was highly impressed. After I finally get a PS3 I'll try my damndest to get a 360.