what do u hope 2 accomplish today???

Nice thread but wrong section. Go make it in the Lounge and it should be decent. Then let this one die.
If you keep making threads like this it's hard not to.
it'd be a great idea to post your own answer in the thread (to start) instead of expecting others to make the thread viable.
fine. ill start.

today my goal was to make a pair of custom dress shoes. started with a mold of a pair of feet, some leather, a bit of rubber, and went from there. took me about 8 hours, but i did it.
i plan to accomplish nothing today. already spent 12 hours on the PC. and i plan on doing another 10 before i grab some sleep.
- Got one cavity filled and another filling replaced, it was interesting having half my face numb, it was very hard to spit
- Called a bunch of places looking for a place to move when my lease expires at the end of the month
- Got groceries
- Did the dishes
- Played some Okami and Conduit

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