What do u use when playing mario kart wii?


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Feb 23, 2009
This topic is about if you use the wheel or a gamecube controller.
I myself, prefer the gamecube controller because it's much easier.
There are pros and cons to it.
With the wheel u got to move around and ****.
With the controller u just drive smooth. lol
So what do u guys prefer?
I prefer the challenge of the wheel, also I just find my self getting more into it when usin the wheel haha.
wheel for fun. GC controller for competition.

ive been xd by wheel users even when i use the controller.
I used to use the wheel all the time, but t'was pissing me off that half the time I'd go flying off the track whenever I attempt a trick, all because of bad timing. Switched to the GC recently, and I'm doing much better now that I can trick with more ease. :p Same for doing wheelies easier.
The wheel is more fun in my opinion, and I was pretty decent with it. Just takes a little getting used to.
i use the wheel. game was made for the wheel and its more fun. once you get good with, you should have no problem getting 1st-3rd place in any online race.
Nunchuk and remote, probably because they're closer to a traditional joystick. I always overdo the steering with the wheel.
The gamecube controller is old and boring so I use the wheel. Turning, wheelies, and tricks are more fun and realistic w/ the wheel. Plus getting 9999 vr w/ the wheel is a pretty fun challenge to complete. Currently I have 9300 vr.
WHEEL over everything. Makes it fun and Doesnt involve using buttons to do tricks, and wheelies as well.

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