What game should I play?


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Jun 15, 2006
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Hey gamers.

So its summer, I have no job, no girlfriend anymore (b/c college is coming up), and only taking a college class Mon-Thur at 10am. I have alot of free time on my hands.

What game should i go get for the GameCube?
Ive really only had the desire to play SmashBros up untill this point.

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Well the cube is my bros. friend, its just been at my house for the past 2years :p so he has windwaker (but it was hard to get into), animal crossing, ssbm, and i thought sunshine but i havent seen it lately
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Alright i think my friend has both Res 4 (i know he does i gave it to him for his b-day) and Tales of Symphonia, ill try to get them from him
I used to be addicted to Tales Of Symphonia but I screwed up and since that moment I had no drive anymore to get up the controller and play.

Animal Crossing is also really addicting, doing to basic things every day checking up and etc.
It's a good game to play a hour or 2 everyday but not more. ( keeps your mind of the serieus things, also good to play when you are getting owned by a though game =p )
Here are the games that are good to get for the Gamecube. Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash, Tales of Symphonia, RE4, Mario Power Tennis, Super Mario Strikers, Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros Melee, Metroid Prime 1 & 2, Pokemon XD,.....etc. These are all good games, I should know, I own them.
Try SSX: Tricky if you've never played it.

If you get tired of mario kart:dd, or can't find a copy of it for less than $30, definitly try Cel Damage. It's similar to mario cart, but it's cel-shaded, faster although it's not so race-focused, and has some really funny characters with cool weapons, like dracula, who rides around in what looks like the old style bat-mobile and his special weapon is heat seaking missiles. The funny part is, these missles move rather slow and have a whistling noise, so if you're playing 2, or better yet, 4 player, you're friend will hear that whistle and though he can out run it, sooner or later when he thinks he's not going to get hit, BOOM!

Make sure to atleast rent Cel Damage; plays best with friends!