What game will be available for purchase on November 19?


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Sep 14, 2006
Can someone please give me a listing. I keep seeing launch titles but some say by December 31, 2006. I would like my options on that Sunday.

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Sorry, I am looking at gamepro.com, etc. I hear games for launch but it seems these games are from Nov. 19 through 1qtr 2007. Where any games named that will be available for me to buy on that Sunday. Don't get me wrong, I will spend alot of times with Wii sports, buttttttttttttttt
dont listen to game websites, their probally not totaly updated. search wii in wikipedia
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Just checked there. Does anyone know a list of games that will be available on November 19? Launch titles could mean a month after November 19th or a few days, etc. What games will be on the Shelf on November 19th?