What is the best Zelda in your opinion?

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As for a favorite Zelda game I'd say Ocarina and Wind Waker. Twilight comes up behind.
I'm fond of A Link To The Past for the SNES and Orcarina of Time for the '64.
this is a really tough question. i own all of them and love them. probably wind waker. can't wait for the new one on ds!
ocarina of time. ive played them all (but the handhelds) and OOT is the best imo.
I preferred Windwaker over all of them. It's just so fun.

OoT and TP are close behind.
1. Links Awakening/OOT
2. Link to the Past
3. Twightlight Princess
4. Windwaker/Majora's Mask
most of you are fools.

the very best Zelda game in history is Link to the Past. it is so good it's been released 3 times: Snes(original), GBA(included 4swords multiplayer), and VC(most recent)

but the actual list goes like this:
1: Link to the Past
2: Twilight Princess
3: Ocarina of Time
4: Wind Waker
5: Majoras Mask
6: Minish Cap
7: Legend of Zelda(original)
8: Oracle of Ages/Seasons
9: Zelda 2

if i'm missing any let me know.