What items don't you want in Brawl

I don't want the lip stick (flower rod) or the star rod to come back. No Mr Game & Watch items (i've heard some ppl talk about wanting the in Brawl). I want the Mr. Saturns to stay because if u use them only once u can get 3000 pts.!
Party Ball, Lip's Stick, change the Flipper back to the Bumper (original SSB), Cloaking Device, Barrel Cannon. and they should increase the recovery items (food, heart, maximum tomato) back up to what they were in SSB.
Here is a list of all the SSBM items with pictures for those, like me who don't know the names of each.

I agree that the Lip's Stick needs to go along with the Star Rod; they're just not that intresting/cool.
also, bring back some of the old pokemon that went in pokeballs like onix. the older snorlax was better than the SSBM one because he was smaller. and take out wobafett (who cares how you spell it) and marril. i liked the three legendary pokemon though.
Yeah, wubbofet and the even gayer goldeen, did u know wubbofet doesn't even take away damage? He's just slaps u like a bozo the clown inflatable:lol:

I would love for oniz to come back, he was awsome, but maybe instead use steelix. But like I said in another thread they have all the pokemon from the ruby and sapphire versions now, that's like an extra 136-200 new pokemon to pick from.
If u mean crystal, that's the exact same as gold & silver. And I hope about the poke games, the games and idea is so fun, why do they have to make the show so gay? I wish it was rated TEEN, they probably wouldn't have been as big of a success though, seeing as the large portion of consumers were 12 & under kids.
haha I have been thinking that for a while put some blood in it and acutally kill the pokémon haha thatd be funny well at least kill pichu 8) but I don't wanna see the fire flower in the game I found it useless the lipstick was cool cuz it drained health away but we don't need it and I love the barrel cannon but they need it more often
I agree, the recovery items are wrong. The light sword must stay.(tis my favorite to become Darth Yoshi) The fire flower is the rock awesomest thing to throw around like dufesses and atempt to catch. I personally like the star rod. It could shoot and do damage up close. Lip's stick was dumb, but ya gotta throw some retarted stuff in.
i want beam sword green koopa shell mega mushroom bomb-ombs pokeballs freezies and umbrella