what was your guys favourite metroid prime suit out of 1 and 2

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prez , you suck :p
Aug 2, 2006
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coming up to 3 lets look back at the prevous mertriod primes and see what ur favourite suits were mine personally is the light suit that was kool:cool:
mine was the phazon suit in MP1, i like the black and red look and the fact that it protects you from phazon and lets you use the phazon beam.
To bad she couoldnt keep it for later :(
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yep but ended up on dark samus then it was destroyed when it was destroyed and dark smaus survired with no suit making it look ewww
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here some pics
White one looks better, black one has too many different colours. Red, black, silver, orange and the weirdest of those to put together blue.