What will be next?


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Aug 31, 2006
I know this is thinking WAY to far in the future, but just for the discussion, what do you think will happen AFTER the Wii? Will Nintendo keep with the motion sensor? SHOULD they keep with the motion sensor? Will there be something new after that even? Some people won't like me for this topic because the Wii hasn't even come out. But think about it. What will Nintendo possibly do to astound us again?
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Mitch2025 said:
games you play with your mind :drool:

You know, I've always dreamt about a console like that. A console that could detect your brainwaves and it can tell what you want it to do. But that would sort of defeat the purpose of getting physically involved in the game. You would walk into your friends house and see people just sitting on the couch SEEMINGLY watching television. But it ISN'T television. It's them playing a video game and kind of just yelling at the tv.
Can't say,
If Wii fails then Nintendo will probaly just stick with handhelds, the thing their best with.
If Wii is a great success then well, probaly something like the Wii, but up-to-rival graphics, tons of more features, and included feedback, like if people don't like the self-insert disc tray (just an example, i dont even know why ps3 or 360 havent done this genius idea) then for the next one they wont use a self-inserting disc tray.
We shall see what happens.
Jakobthelyre said:
i think gaming is going to die out.

Yes, and it's things like the Wii and DS that keep it alive and make it grow, people will get bored, and are bored, of the same old games, just different plots, animations and what not. I say if we go 20 more years with the same old things, it will die, and the only thing left would probaly be MMORPGS. (don't ask)
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I don't know if gaming would completely die out. If it DID it would have to be at the beginning of a new generation of kids because a generation that already has games most likely loves to play them. I currently love video games. And if that generation just stopped making new video games, the abrupt transition would make everyones' head implode. Not cool.
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Jakobthelyre said:
dude im telling you. games are going to die out.

you say this, yet you have yet to explain yourself.:rolleyes: