What will zoras look like?


The peace maker
Aug 3, 2006
I was wondering if zoras will be in TP? What do you think they will look like? You can discuss other things that you think will be in TP here too.
I thought the Hyrule in the Twilight zone was gonna be all Explosive and messy and evil around every corner i dont think Zoras will appear until the near end if they are in the game
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YEah... I Don't Think Theyll Be In The Game... They Already Gave The Gorons A SERIOUS Makeover
the gorons look really cool in this one. very detailed. theres art of one of them in the LoZ:TP gallery. I think that the Zoras will also look very detailed with gills and maybe even barnicles or seaweed on them
i dont think theyll be in the game at all. havent heard anythin from them nor seen any screen shots of them. but who knows??
Ok well i searched through Wikipedia and they had some info about Zora's

The Zora people may also be making a comeback. In an interview from EGM’s September 2005 issue, Eiji Aonuma said “...Because [Twilight Princess] is several decades after Ocarina, it’s possible some of the characters from that game might still be alive in this world." "We’ve already shown the Goron in an earlier trailer; I think people can look forward to seeing if we include Zoras as well...” [37] While in the recent issue #204 of Electronic Gaming Monthly, the short description beside the "thuggish" new Goron image says to "expect similarly stylin' makeovers for Hyrule's other races, the zora fishmen and deku scrubs." This may be confirmation that both the Zora and the Deku scrub races will be appearing in the game. However, the point of view of this remark was from the EGM editor, not from Eiji Aonuma or Shigeru Miyamoto.[38]

So it sounds pretty convincing that Zora's might come back