Where do I find my Wii online code!


Apr 19, 2009
Wii Online Code
I've had Wii for over a year now, and I started playin online recently and I'd like to know where I can view my online code. I know games like Mario Kart and Super Smash, that I have, give me different codes, but there's the Wii code as well right? And how configure the Mii's to mingle with others? I already selected Mingle when I created my mii!

Thanks in advance!
go to ur message box and post urslf a message and on the front of ur friend directory it says ur code
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Hey thanks a lot man!! And what about the thing about the Mii's... how do I mingle with others?
well u have to have ur friends wii code then u can say ur mii can mingle and i ur friend has a mii mingling then they mingle