Where you can preorder in australia


Jul 29, 2006
Wii Online Code
Hi well as most you aussies know that you can preorder the wii and at toys r us for a 50 discount and get a free launch titile :) but now they have at myers you can preorder the wii and get $600 of reddemable voucher i thought i would tell my ossie mates but ive had bad experience they give all these vouchers that are five bucks and you cant combined them so yeah just thought i should tell you
$350 not $250 the console is $400
As for getting wii sports with the Toy's r Us deal, I'm not to sure about that because if Wii sports is ment to bundle along with the console doesn't that mean they'd have to give you another if you already had this coming to you
They better not mean Wii Sports or I will be...sad. Though I dont think so, due to bundle.

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