which one?


king of walruses
Aug 27, 2006
to put it simple do i want a long game but not alot of fun or a short game but alot of fun?
You might suspect that you'd be getting more for your money with longer games, but if it feels tedious to play them, whats the point?

If you can go with something equivalent to WarioWare Smooth Moves that features brief(3 seconds in WWSM) but satisfying gameplay, then it will almost always pay off in the end.

To solidify some of the suggestions above, online play definitely makes or breaks whether a game will give you the most bang for your buck.

I hate playing single player games, beating them, and then throwing them on the shelf and never touching them again. It kind of gives you the feeling that nobody in the history of mankind will ever play it ever again.

However, with online games, you can simply go online, see how many people are still enjoying the game and most importantly, join their fun.