Guys, You gotta get "MySims"...I recommend it.

I'm thinking of taking back Driver: Parallel Lines, since it's just absolutely horrible... no graphic improvement from the PS2... and the controls just don't work right... especially driving... gonna take that back since gamestop lets you take back used games you think are terrible, and get this game. Hopefully this will be a lot better. I actually liked Animal Crossing. This will be a lot better.
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It is!

It is alot better. A 1000 times better. LOL! You just have to have an open mind and a willingness to try something different other what you are used to. The Sims is a natural phenomenon...and it should be respected as so. My opinion, of course. The vlong I made talking about it is DONE and I will post a link in the next few minutes.:yesnod:
Oh wow I was right at the counter of the store and had the game in my hand... I turned it down! BWAHAHA! The guys behind me in line were so freaking pissed! :lol: It only got a 7 on ign. I'm not made of money either. I might get DragonBlade though.
hmm i originally had this on my list of games to get in 2007, then i heard it was shallow, but i see ima have to look at some more reviews around the net. i think this is something me and my girlfriend could get into together if nothing else
If I hate all the other sims games will I like this? Is there anything like always having to go the bathroom or sleep? I really hate that it's so annoying.
i loved the sims and the sims 2, but when i saw how my sims looked i didnt really care for it, i heard rumor that it was going to be online and stuff and then when i found out it wasnt then i wasnt even gonna give it a try but i guess its not that bad if some of yous like it that much lol, you should make a video of you playing it because i didnt see any video of how the controls are and stuff..would be cool if you recorded that *hint hint*
haha funny vid :)

I'm studying for the same thing in Holland :) Cant wait to make my first edited video ;)
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Jay588: lol! You know, everyone has been messaging me to to record me playing. I will certainly do this for you all and post that on youtube today.

BRADY280: Theres nothing to worry about. No bathroom, no hunger, and option to sleep if you want. So, this game really has been dumbed down for little kids, but that doesnt take about the fun out of it. You should try it out.

CyberZomby: Thanks! I actually dont like graphic design that much anymore and thats because of my Profressor. He ruined that for me. Bleh. But, I like movie making and directing and special effects stuff. So, if I ever need to fall back on something, Graphic Design is it, you know?

But, dont worry guys. I will surely Make a vid of me playing it. I will record it on dvd first (for Better quality) and then do m "magic" and bring it to life to you all. No biggie at all! Thanks for the suggestions!:wink:
got Mysims and its so great loving the game. i recommend this game as its great fun and a new look / gameplay style, far differnt to any sims game.