Mysims Review by me!


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Jul 2, 2007
yea i got mysims yestureday at toys R us (alot of other places were sold out) and i decided to post a little review.

Over all it is a great game. The controls are good, the gameplay is awesome, and the characters/graphics are good as well. The point of the game is to help build up a neighborhood, by collecting essences. Essences are these little shapes, that help you when you build furniture.

It does KIND OF get boring... alot of the tasks are the same (at the begining). but once you play for a bit, it gets alot more fun.

No Wi-Fi to anyone who was wondering

So i think that if you like animal crossing, and sims games you will love this game. I am a big animal crossing player, and this game reminds me of a VERY good version of it.

Please Comment :smilewinkgrin:

plus, it doesnt get repetatvtive.... the tasks are all differnt. but making furniture does get kind of anoying
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jinglejangle said:
That was one of the best reviews I've ever read, so in-depth.

Indeed. It's slightly better than the reviewer on gamestop that played it at a friends house for a couple minutes.
Jay588 said:
sounds cool but looks a little childish for me, maybe i'll rent it

Heh to childish, this is the Wii we own :O

I'm 21 and I'm all for it, my girlfriend is picking it up right now... I haven't played a Sims game since the first and Animal Crossing was a trip so I'll have to see how I like this game.
hey I'm 21 too but I won't be getting this game, now Animal Crossing on the other hand, yes..

please rep me, I repped you, NS..
It sounds like a cool game, but I don't think I will be getting it though. My sister on the other hand really wants the game. If I buy her the game, I will be kicked out of my own room while she plays My Sims. :lol:
Anyway, nice little review, even if it is a little short.
i'm picking this game up this afternoon after basketball. i just haven't bought a game in a while, but it looks cool. hopefully it'll be fun... if not, i'll trade it in toward DDR or something next week.