Which wii chat banner do you like the most?

Which Banner do you like better?

  • The current banner

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • stickey label's banner

    Votes: 13 86.7%

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Jun 30, 2006
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Which banner do you like better?

A: Current banner

B: Banner mockup by stickeylabel
Well the current banner kinda does seem a bit strange to me, whats with the spder and the mouse the one Stickeylabel made is much better
The current banner... is not good, look it has in 1 wiimote an analogic stick and its seems very strange, I like the mario one more than others
Glad someone finally made this a poll.

No offense to iOn's banner, but stickey's is more eye-catching and represents what this site is all about: wii.

Hope it becomes the defacto banner.:)
i think it would be neat if u put in luigi holding a wiimote similar to mario, on the opposite side of the title. then maybe connect their controlers with a dotted line. that would fill in the space, stay consistant, and show that people chat about wii.
no offense I realize its hard to make these banners trust I try to make flash vids but I don't really like either if u fill in the emptiness it'll be great
Yeah, stickey_label has become quite the artist now. He has done lots of designs for many sites. The second one appeals to me most obviously, the first one's wiimote is all wrong and i dont like it. But i still use the skin for that one, the new wiichat skin really really hurts my eyes!!

Apparantely Stikey_lable's won the vote YAY!!