Who do you think is and will be the best 3rd party for Wii?


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Jan 27, 2009
So, two questions for you. Whos has been the best 3rd party publisher for Wii so far in NA and who will be the best 3rd party pblisher in the future based on their currently released games and their future lineup for Wii?


-Red Steel
-No More Heroes
-Shawn White
-Rabbids 1, 2, and 3
-Tenchu: SA
-My Fitness Coach
-Brothers In Arms: DT
-Blazing Angels
-Far Cry
-Tom Clancy Splinter Cell: Double Agent
-Then there is all of their shovelware such as the Petz and Imagine series
-Red Steel 2 (coming soon)
-No More Heroes: DS (coming soon)
-Broken Sword: Director's Cut (coming soon)
-Grey's Anatomy (coming soon)
-Tom Clancy's HAWX (rumored, coming soon)
-TMNT fighter (coming soon)


-Resident Evil 4
-Zack and Wiki
-Resident Evil: UC
-Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
-We Love Golf
-Moto GP '08 (coming soon)
-Dead Rising: CTYD (coming soon)
-Spyborgs (coming soon)
-Monster Hunter 3 (coming soon)
-Monster Hunter G (coming soon)


-Call of Duty 3
-Call of Duty W@W
-Guitar Hero series
-Marvel: Ultimate Allaince
-Kung Fu Panda
-Tony Hawk Proving Ground
-Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion (coming soon)
-X-Men Origins: Wolverine (rumored, coming soon)


-Boom Blox
-The Godfather
-Medal of Honor Heroes 2
-Medal of Honor Vanguard
-Skate It
-MySims series
-FIFA series
-Madden series
-NBA Live series
-Need for Speed series
-Tiger Woods series
-Boom Blox: BP (coming soon)
-Dead Space (coming soon)
-Installments of above sports series games we can expect every year (coming soon)


-Harvest Moon
-Arc Rise Fantasia (coming soon)
-Rune Factory Frontier (coming soon)
-Little King Story (coming soon)
-Muramasse: DB (coming soon)

Namco Bandai?

-We Ski
-Tales of Symphonia: DTNW
-Soul Calibur Legends
-Fragile (coming soon)
-Klonoa (coming soon)
-We Ski and Snowboard (coming soon)
-Tales of Ten (coming soon)


-Alien Syndrome
-Ghost Squad
-HOTD: 2+3
-HOTD: Overkill
-Samba de Amigo
-Sonic series
-Super Monkey Ball: BB
-Conduit (coming soon)
-Let's Tap (coming soon)
-MadWorld (coming soon)
-Virtua Tennis 2009 (coming soon)
-Sonic and the Black Knight (coming soon)

Square Enix?

-FF: MY Life as King
-FF: Echoes of Time (coming soon)
-FF: Crystal Bearers (coming soon)
-Dragon Quest 10 (coming soon)


-Deadly Creatures
-de Blob
-WWE SmackDown vs. Raw series

Anyone I'm missing that has atleast some quality Wii games already out or coming that could stand up to these?
Square Enix, Activision and Capcom have been pushing out some good games lately.

Sega is getting on the right track as well with the highly anticipated Conduit.
Capcom have been the best so far for me, followed closely by Ubisoft.

Sega is starting to impress me more with their decisions.
Ubisoft have released some awful games for the Wii. Just lately they have improved with titles like No More Heroes, Shaun White and Tenchu. Good games are still outnumbered by shovelware.

Capcom started out great with decent ports and original games. They look like they are losing their way a bit in 2009 but could be rescued by the awesome looking MH3.

Activision had a lot of mediocre titles but turned it around by putting effort into GH:WT and COD:WAW.

EA has had some suprisingly good games on the Wii. I don't think that they totally 'get it' with their All Play branding but at least they've made some effort.

Marvellous will be exactly that in 2009, marvellous! An awesome line up of RPGs that are much needed on the Wii.

Namco hasn't done too well, most of their games seem half hearted attempts and they haven't really put out a serious game yet.

Sega has had a lot of mediocre titles the last couple of years. 2009 looks like their year though with games like HOD: Overkill, Madworld and The Conduit.

Square Enix, not seen much from them yet but they have had a bit of interest in the Wii (or Wiiware at least).

THQ have mostly released kids games. They've shown a bit more quality with their new IPs though, in particular De Blob and Deadly Creatures; but much like Ubisoft their shovelware outweighs their good titles.

The best 3rd party Wii publishers for the past couple of years have been Capcom, EA and Activision imo. This year it is all about Sega though, they are simply blowing everyone else away with games that Wii owners want. EA have said that they are shifting half of their focus to the Wii, so we can expect more from them too.

By the end of 2009, in terms of quality I think it'll be:
1. Sega
2. Marvellous
3. EA
(In no particular order of preference)

Mine are EA for Madden, Tiger Woods, Boom Blox, and Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2; then comes Activision for the Guitar Hero series, and Call Of Duty: WaW. Lastly is THQ for de Blob and Deadly Creatures.

Sega should be good in 09 for upcoming titles, I haven't purchased House Of The Dead: Overkill yet, but will soon. That should be a good title.
Capcom hands down. and like everyone else Sega is very promising.

still love marvelous/xseed cause im an RPG nut~
ea has the most titles i want to get now
but its a toss up for activision or sega will have more games i want in the future
The paradox is that, as much as some hardcore gamers might loathe Ubisoft for the Petz/Imagine games, ultimately it may be the high sales of such 'friendly' games that keeps Ubisoft afloat and able to make games like Red Steel 2 and No More Heroes.

I also agree with raisinghelen, elopez994, and others who think that Sega could be the ultimate winner of 2009, if, in particular, The Conduit lives up to expectations...
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I just wanna know if Resident Evil 5 is coming out for the Wii. If so then Capcom is the best, if not then Acti.
at Hylian: no re5 for the wii, sorry

i have high expectations for sega as far as madworld and conduit go, and if those live up to the hype they'll be the hands down winner. capcom has some good games, and acti impressed me with COD5 and GHWT
- My first post in over a year and a half -

This is my second time owning a Wii as of 2 days ago.
I'm starting off with 5 games - 2 of which are from Ubisoft or Capcom.
So I'm pretty much split down the middle between Ubisoft / Capcom.
Resident Evil 4 ( Capcom ) and FarCry: Vengeance ( Ubisoft )
They're pretty much my favorite games right now.

I'm Getting:
MoH: Heroes 2 ( Ubisoft )
No More Heroes ( Ubisoft )
Resident Evil: UC ( Capcom )

Plus I'm getting most of the Gamecube Resident Evils ( Capcom )

I play / love stuff from other publishers too, but those 2 are probably my favorite.
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I'm Getting:
MoH: Heroes 2 ( Ubisoft )
No More Heroes ( Ubisoft )
Resident Evil: UC ( Capcom )
MOH: Heroes 2 is by EA not Ubisoft. COD:WAW is a much better game than MOH: Heroes 2 though.

If you're interested in No More Heroes (Ubisoft) which is a very stylish and violent game then you should really buy Madworld (Sega) when it comes out in March. It's even more stylish, more violent and will be better than any game on your list guaranteed.
Madworld is set to blow Wii gaming to new heights. Sonic Unleashed IMO is the best other-console-to-wii-port so far. Sonic and the Black Knight also looks very promising and the Wii has had tons of support with the House of the Dead series.

Segas all for Wii gamers. If you're into hardcore and own a Wii, Sega is who you should be watching closely.

And even in the casual side, Sega Superstar Tennis, Samba De Amigo, Lets Tap, etc. are great casual games from Sega.