Who here has a Wii???


Oct 23, 2006
Parker CO
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I was just wondering how many people where able to pick up a Nintendo Wii???
( I did and its the best system to get)
i got mine saturday night at 11:30 (i work at eb, so all the employees were in the store, doors locked, playin wii sports) but i wasnt able to leave till 12. i was lucky tho, i only got mine becasue some guy cancelled his pre order in order to by sonic for the 360 haha. i was SO happy.
i got mine on release date at 8.30. best buy wasnt opening untill 9, but they started letting people in early.
I camped out at Wal-Mart from midnight to 8am, only to get a defective system (which I can't stop bitching about). Luckily, not too many systems crapped out, and I'll be getting a new one sent shortly :D.
Went to the Gamestop store with a couple friends around 11:30 on Saturday. We promptly took the thing home, hooked it up, and enjoyed some Red Steel and WiiSports.
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well since you all are talking about the lines and camping out...............

I went to Walmart at 6:00am and waited until 12:00am and let me tell you the hours felt like years!!!!
Although I lost my breath when they started handing out consoles!
I just got Zelda.....I was getting Red Steel but I heard from peole in line it sucked so I avoided it!
i got my wii on the launch and i came here around 6 am in the morning and was the 28 out the 30 for the extra 30 wii