who the H*** has made this video?:p :lol:

Jun 5, 2006
oops... forgot
Wii Online Code
i was serching for videos on video google and found this cool thing...:p

(it's not true) the nintendo: on http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2355941275571212580&q=shigeru+miyamoto

and what is this? :lol:
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:lol: :lol: Somehow I can see something like that as the next Nintendo Console cuz they're going to need something big to top Wii. Nintendo ON:lol:
That should be what the president of Nintendo's catch phrase should be, u know every time he's about to start a speech, he yells out, "Nintendo On!"
But seriously, that is actually cool, if they modified it a little.
that is AWESOME... i can SOOO see that being the wii, well maybe a prototype... maybe that is nintendo's big secret?, .... i dunno...
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it can't be:p if u think about how to play with a big heavy helmet? and +++ it's not posible:lol: it'æs just funny that someone has made it
Yeah but it would sound weird and not weird like, "I'm gonna buy me wii" but it sounds stupid, "I'm gonna buy a Nintendo On"...but I do like it as a catch phrase...NINTENDO ON!!!:D
that's just plain goofy...I'll admit, I like the "Wii" name...it does imply a sense of community like Nintendo wants and as long as people don't be too immature about the name (a little is fine, :p ) I think it will be fine.
I bet if they do that and make a commercial, as the kid/adult/guinny pig/teen is turning it on, they yell out, "Nintendo On!" then it does a 360 degree view of the whole thing. GOLD.