Why does the Big N always launch on Sundays?


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Oct 14, 2006
Mondays are like my busiest work day. My workload is double that of any other weekday and I have to be pretty alert to do it. That means I need to be passed out and snoring by 10:30 pm to be fully conscious and able to do my job. Now on Sunday, I probably will be playing Zelda until 2-3 in the morning, which means I will probably get 3-4 hours of sleep for Monday.

I know it's tradition Nintendo, but how's about doing a Launch on Friday for a change?
It ALWAYS launches on sundays? wow. I never noticed that. Well they couldn't really do it on friday, thats ps3 day. And they couldnt ship it last friday. Because they may not have enough. But yeah I can understand what you mean. Im in school and have many projects to work on so if it were a saturday launch I'd be able to play AND pass those projects :)
Its because they want you to have a good start to your week. However the ps3 release date is much more convenient, great start to the weekend. But hey at least yourm onday afterwards will be better (mondays suck).
I'm actually liking the Sunday release I usually work all day on every other day, if not work them I'm at school. Sunday I typically work only a few hours, I guess nintendo just understands me.
the ps3 laucnh isnt very convenient....since many people would be working or in school, a lot of people would miss out on camping.
They launch on Sundays because just about everyone has that day off. Hence, they can go wait in line to buy a Wii. The more Wii systems they sell on launch day, the better they look.
Its probably some marketing strategy that gets them an extra week on their quarterly earnings or something.