Wii Advertising


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Nov 21, 2006
Hey hows it goin guys. I am a Business Student at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Working on a project about the Wii advertising campaign. Any feedback anyone has on what they thing of the Wii ads, plz feel free. Looking for feedback.
I do not like the ads with people in them. They make the console seem very childish and stupid. Especially if you have ever seen the "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption" ad. The man is jumping, curling into a ball and rolling around his living room like Samus, which if you do not know much about the Wii console, it could lead you to believe you really have to do that.
I dont really like them that much either. The whole red steel "you suck" thing is really annoying me, i would rather have them stick to showing gameplay for a minute.
The whole concept of the Wii and it's main selling point is how people interact with the game via the controller. If you stick with gameplay screens they are going to look very pale in comparison to the GFX heavy 360 and PS3 ads. Taking the people out of the Wii ads takes away the appeal of the console itself.
im not trying to bust your chops man but ive seen two sudents alreadly doing this stuff on this forum but anyway dont use te early red stell ad that guy was acting heck every early ad was acting
have a look at Wii.com
This Ad here which was aired on G4 is so funny. I don't know if it's an official advertisement or not but it sure would be very cool if it was.
lol, I love the Apple commercials. That was great, bookmarked that for later viewing.