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Feb 24, 2009
hello! i hope that this doesnt sound like a dumb question..but..i just bought my wii the other nite..and my bf was helping me hook it up...we watched the little video on it for internet and then it asked if we wanted to delete it. so he did. now i am wondering if we shouldnt of. with the wii arent u able to get online and look up emails and other things? if so how exactly do i do that? i have already set it up to pick up my wireless signal and i am able to play other people with mario kart..but i am wondering how to actually get online and surf. thanks. :smilewinkgrin:
To surf the net on your Wii, you need the Internet Channel, which is a web browser. It's available for 500 points from the Wii Store.
I got it the first day, was surfing the web on my tv :D

watching youtube vids
To surf the internet from your Wii, you will need to spend around £3-5 pounds by purchasing the Internet Channel from the Wii Shopping Channel. It will cost you 500 points which is really cheap as a one off payment.

When you have the channel, you can surf by using the onscreen Wii keyboard, or you can plug in your own PC keyboard with USB connection for a faster more convenient way to surf.

Good luck!
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