Wii ball concept


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Oct 5, 2006
this will make a big change.
look on:
here you can see a inflatable ball for the Nintendo Wii.
this way you have a interactieve ball, what kind of games can you make with this ball?
grab a (foot)ball feel it, how you can control your game.

greetings with a smile,
Well I think its impressive u came up with it :) and the video is pretty impressive too :) but i wouldn't be interested in getting one, 'cause the game shown would get too boring too quickly :)
Quite frankly, its crap
Im sorry, but, honestly! can you picture people using one of them to play a virtual game, that looks like something a 3 year old would use..

Oh because flaling your arms around liek a fairy is any better? If you could better implement something like that, then I beleive it would be a good idea. What you have right now is just too incomplete for developers to get an idea of what your after. Good luck.
I don't believe this guy came up with this ball-controller abomination.

Look at this:

This was some PS3 controller mock-up when Sony said they were redesigning the controller. Go here to read the whole story.

I personally wouldn't play with this wii-ball thing, either.