Jun 25, 2006
hemet, CA
Wii Online Code
anyone know if this is owned or whatever by nintendo?

reason being is because i work for hilton reservations here in hemet california and i was taking phone calls and this one guy called in and we haev to give the people an e-mail confirmation if they want it, and his email i noticed was @wii.com like [email protected] .... and i was like OH EM GEE.... got all excited but yeah my supervisor was right there or else i would have asked questions... lol... but anyone know?

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i0n said:
Yea they acquired it recently :)

call him back!

hey ion, what is ur e-mail adress?, or could you e-mail me at [email protected] ? ... i guess there is a couple of Q's i wanna ask ya :p and couldnt seem to PM u, but yeah

Go have a look in his room, keep an eye out for Wii shaped objects :lol: