VERY limited pre-orders...


Jun 25, 2006
hemet, CA
Wii Online Code
DAMN.... i live in so-cal, and on the e-mail that was sent out, it said suply depends on store or something .... so i called my store to ask how many pre-orders that they are taking and the surrounding cities had VERY limited quantities i was shocked....

Hemet- 18
moreno valley-16
menifee - ONLY 10!!!!

damn.... i hope there isnt too many people that are going to be camping there, im going there at 2am when i get off work...WOOTZ anyone else haha (Can you say DS for 6hrs?)
Akaymay said:
This sucks, I wanted to camp out to get my pre-order, but they open at 10 AM, and I'm im school!! My parents wont let me miss a few hours, so I'm out of the question to get a pre-order :cryin:

I doing that for tomorrow. xD I'm just ganna go into school like 2 or 3 hours late, but no biggie. :D
My Gamestop only has 15 Wiis! .....Camp outside? ...early breakfast? ...slip the sales rep a $100.00 bill?
wiimaniac said:
My Gamestop only has 15 Wiis! .....Camp outside? ...early breakfast? ...slip the sales rep a $100.00 bill?

Choice three!.... PLUS A COOKIE!
well i can camp out as well the only problem is..what if i get their and i camp out and it goes to wast because when i finily get their their will be none left...IM PANICING GUYS!!
i hope that the people at gamecrazy will find out how many they are getting soon so i can decide if i should camp or not
my sister(who is home from college on fall break) said she would head over at 8 a.m. and pre-order for me. i called my gamestop and the employee said she didnt want to tell me how many they had and the gamestop 35 miles away also wont fess up
i live in murrieta and my eb games is only getting about 36 wiis max so im waking up at 6:00 and going to the mall and ill be a little late for school but WHO CARES ITS THE WII!!!!!!