Anybody pre-ordered from PCWorld in the UK?


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Nov 6, 2006
London, England
Has anybody else pre-ordered from PC World in the UK?

If so, do you know what there pre-order policy is? The customer service is appalling:mad: and they can't tell me whether it's done on a first-come-first-served basis etc.

They don't take any funds until a unit ships but they can't give me any information at all, apart from that pre-ordered units will ship out before stock hits the shelves in stores. I pre-ordered a bundle two weeks ago.

Other UK outlets limited the number of pre-orders and are staying in touch with customers to let them know what's going on......... none of this from PC World, they just keep on taking the orders..............:mad:
PC world is the worst shop on the planet!!!!
Think all the shops should be melted down! ha ha

I don't know what to suggest, just keep on at them until you get some answers, ask to speak to supervisors etc to try and get some sense out of them!?!
I ordered mine from which had a notice saying "this product will be delivered when it is available on the 8th of December" or something like that. The only annoying thing is that they dont have an online account etc for each customer (or at least none that i can see) so i cant repeatedly check its there like i do with other things im excited about. lol. Im sure PC world will be fine. I assume you ordered online, but if it was instore just keep on at them. If they cant tell you any details (how many they are getting etc) then they may simply not know. Also, try going at a differant time. if you dont get an answer in the morning, what about the people working in the evenings? It may simply depend on how lazy/ ignorant your server is.
Ive ordered from PC world. I work part time and i can affoard the console but ive asked my parents to buy it for me instead of giving me money for christmas like they have for the previous 8 years. I ordered mine about two weeks ago and as far as i know its a first come first serve basis. aslong as i recieve mine for Christmas im happy.
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Cheers for your responses

I ordered online and same as argos the PC World notice says "product will be delivered when available on Dec 8th"

Guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed that I pre-ordered early enough!

Catch you around............Sam
id recomend people from the uk to pre-order from HMV!!! the games there are cheaper....