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King Wiired

Aug 8, 2006
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When u eventually get your Wii-Motes... what colours are u planning on getting?
I mean... how many 'motes u planning on getting? And are you planning on getting them all the same colour? or different colours?
I was jus lookin at a thread with a funky charger.. and all 4 controllers in there were different colours.. and I thought that looked quality.. so I'm gonna get all different colours..
What about you guys?
Yeah I;m going to get 4 controllers and all of the same colour.....that way no fighting of who gets what colour and also so it matches :)
Perfectionist here, =[ I have to get all the same color controllers or I wouldn't be able to stand it. XD But all black. (So the white dosent get dirty looking then it wouldnt be yah)
in touch with the wii said:
im gonna get black wii black controller and white controller
time for some ying yang battles :lol:

That sounds cool actually. Like a black Wii with all white 'motes and vice-versa.
Wiired said:
^ ^ i think black wii with white motes would be quite kooll... dont think vise-versa would work for me though.. lol :D

Yeah, thinking about it I agree with that.