Wii Skins and Personalized touches


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Aug 5, 2006
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This a thread for everyone to share what colour and skin they want their wii to be when they get it.

I would want mine to be plain old red :)

(or purple if they release that colour:))
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sweet, i would keep it plain for about a month so i can bask in its glory,
then i would put on a Twilight Princess skin on, with the wolf
I will also be keeping mine plain. I'm just having trouble deciding between white or black.
I think imma just gonna stick with the orignal color. I got a skin for my PSP a while back and it totally ruined it -_-
Plain Old White...Or Mabye Black... Maybe SIlver To Match My TV...
i got all the nintendo systems in regular color, why get the wii in any other color. its most popular color is white, and it looks like a piece of heaven to me.

my wii = white
my skin = white

why go black?
in touch with the wii said:
im gonna get black wii and spay paint on a ying yang symbol
you better mean air brush it (after sanding the area and marking off the area you dont want sprayed and then putting 2-3 coats of clear coat on it. also of course taking it apart so you dont ruin the insides with paint) or im gonna e-hit you ;)

anyways im gonna get black. it looks so cool with a black wii and a blue glow from the DVD drive:D
i wanted to get that booger one (green) i just might u know, or maybe the red one, but i also might spray paint it like i did with my cpu and my n64, i painted the 64 pink and then white (sanded and polished, like new)
You can see all the details and stuff of the wii in white better than black. Although i liked the black GCN better than the purple.
I think that the more multi-coloured ones are cool. Red looks great and so does green and black and white and purple and pink and blue and teal and brown and grey and yellow and orange and bright purple and mirror and transparent!
BYAAAAAH!!! is right:lol: I'm gonna go w/ the white, because although the black Wii and the blue glow go well together the white and blue glow is more futuristic...more next gen.