gamecube skins and personal touches


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Aug 5, 2006
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I thought wii should also have a thread for skins on the gamecube since the DS has one.
Unfortunately I dont have one now, I ripped mine off so i can sell it for wii funds:tard:

Please feel free to include pictures of your skins and personal touches,:)
cos everyone including me would love to see them!
i will post pictures as soon as i get it back. im lending it to someone but its got the same style of skin as my DS
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thats true, but then your ds wouldnt stand out amongst the clones
(unless if you have a navy ds lite, that is)
Diomedes said:
(unless if you have a navy ds lite, that is)
Or if your a boy and have a pink one.

On my DS Lite I have a New Super Mario Bros skin, but only on the top. On my DS I have a Metroid Prime Hunters skin, but only on the top. I'll try and post pictures. I got the decals from Official Nintendo Magazine, so anyone who brought issue 6 of it will know what I'm talking about.
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its not fair that they dont issue the magazine in australia. :(
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that is cool, but id perfere my skin to be like my avatar, but that would be too hard to find.