Wii games actually gameplay videos

Woah thats so cool! But some look a lil hard to control but thats normal, that was at the E3 and the games were not even near gold. Anyway, Can't wait to get my hands on my Wii (lol). And also, whoever said we look stupid when playing, we won't! I mean alright maybe for games which NEED big movements like Warioware and Wii Sports, but as of the others, we wont be standing up playing and making large movements like in the Nintendo Ads! We will be sitting in a sofa making the required movements without exageration(?). Atleast, I won't :lol:
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did you see how little that guy playing red steel, was moving his hand. it seemed so responsive.
Ahhh! I can't wait for wii! I want it so bad! This site just makes me so excited when I read all the wii stuff, omg, I can't wait!

But yeah....All the games looked so great. I think I might actually get Red Steel instead of MP3.