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Jul 20, 2006
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The disc port where you put in the game, is it gonna have like a cover or door to keep dust and dirt out because it would seem stupid not to if its gonna be under a tv or entertainment system , what do you think?
its gonna have a rubber thing with a slit down the middle for the disc to go through. not sure if i explained that well enough
It's going to be a lot like the slot-loading CD players in cars, which have a fabric around the slit, so no dirt gets in.

My laptop, a PowerBook G4 has one, and it's great because dust never gets in and you never have to worry about some slide-out disc tray breaking, like you do with the Xbox.
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Did you have to use the xbox as a point you could used dvd player or something
psychono2 said:
Did you have to use the xbox as a point you could used dvd player or something
I have an Xbox and love it!! It's the only console I had until a few weeks ago; got a PS2 from my cousin for free.

I used Xbox as an example because it was the first thing that came to mind and it's one of the few things in my house that has a slide-out disc tray.

I don't dislike the Xbox at all.:)

Also, I had meant to point out that the Wii's slot-loading disc tray is nice because there are a lot of people you keep their consoles in a hutch under their TV that has a little door and many times if the console has a slide-out tray, you have to open that door.

It's also nice that it's not like the Gamecube's pop-top because I have my consoles under my TV on a TV stand that has close-together-shelves which made it impossible to open the Gamecube's top when I had a Gamecube.
Although, it was nice to have a non-electronic way to get the disc out because I've had my laptop run out of battery and then I can't get the disc out, but since Wii isn't running on battery, that probably won't be a problem.
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